About Journey to Joy

What is Journey to Joy?


I am so glad you asked! It is so many things really. It's a conversation God and I have been having for several years now.


Joy is something I felt was missing on a deep level for most of my adult life. Happy moments came and went on the surface but few reached the deep places in my soul. It felt like there was a lid on my joy and I couldn’t lift it off.

Ultimately he showed me what joy was supposed to look like with a single picture.

It's me. From long, long ago. It all started here. She had a joy that I had lost and he told me we were going to get it back.

Since then God has walked me through healing from past hurts, finding freedom in areas of bondage, an exchange of identities as I've realized I am only who he says I am and finally stepping into the unique purpose he has called me to. And my sweet friend, he is inviting you to do the same.


We can experience true freedom, peace, & joy on the journey of a lifetime with our sweet Savior.

There is light in the depths of depression. There is hope in seasons of despair. And on our happiest, most joy filled days there is still more! More of God. More of his goodness. More of his joy available to you and me. Right now.

I’m not the guide. I’m just a fellow traveler doing my best to follow the one who is our guide. I’d love for you to join me. It’s a journey with Jesus. A Journey to Joy!

About Sara Chapple


My name is Sara Chapple and I am so glad you are here!

This site is a culmination of so many years of prayer, learning and imperfectly chasing after God in my own life. More than 10 years ago God first gave me a vision for a ministry that would help women by encouraging them with God's truth. That is the foundation for everything done here. I believe wholeheartedly that the Bible is God's perfect word to us. It is still relevant today and applies to my life and yours.

I love sharing God's Word through teaching, speaking and writing. All that I share comes straight out of my own life and walk with God. It is sometimes messy and always imperfect but God in all his mystery takes that and uses it to encourage, uplift and point back to himself.

I love traveling, watching sports, reading & hot tea. I love seeing movies and escaping escape rooms with my family. Not that it's a competition but we've escaped every room we've been in!

In the photo you'll see my incredible hubby, Paul, and the three most amazing step-kids any momma could ask for. And of course, London, our beloved and spoiled rotten Bichon mix. (Not sure exactly what the "mix" is, he's a rescue. I want to do a DNA kit on him but hubby thinks that's weird. He's right but I still want to! So stay tuned) :)

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